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Keen Directive is a full service agency that specializes in paid digital advertising, digital marketing, web development, SEO/SEM, creative content and brand building. We leverage strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide our clients with measurable results to their bottom line. Our team of in-house experts and partners have extensive backgrounds in building successful marketing campaigns across multiple industries.

The immediate benefit in working with Keen Directive is having a centralized agency that allows you to capitalize on a true omnichannel approach. We are a team of big picture critical thinkers who are also adept at execution. Our services are personalized to your company’s vision and aligned with needs of your customers. We understand how consumers interact with technology and utilizing real-time online engagement metrics allows us to succeed in today’s evolving marketing landscape.

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Our scalable methodology will support startups from the ground up or expand the efforts of long standing companies. Through comprehensive audits and feasibility studies, our team can effectively determine the most successful implementations and paths to success.

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Our Brand building and development effectively communicate the vision and mission of your company. We support your Brand exposure with engaging, creative, and unique content across all channels and mediums.

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We are certified experts in paid search marketing across multiple platforms and channels. From search engine and social ads, our lean approach ensures a prudent and powerful spend of your advertising dollars. More calls, more leads, more sales and more visibility.

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If its a simple website revision or a complete build, we can assist. Depending on your objective, we can determine the optimal platform to build while balancing function and budget. As the digital representation of your business, our team will intelligently craft your website to boost engagement and conversions.

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Creativity and innovation are our ways to increase your brand presence and strategy on a multitude of social channels. From community management to scheduling content or influencer campaigns, we will design the right social program for your business. Raising brand awareness and positivity will solidify customer loyalty and ultimately profits.

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If you have existing strategies in place, but lack the “wheels” to develop and execute your programs, we can help. We offer inter-agency and inter-company whitelabelled production and campaign support to get the job done.

Client Success Stories

“We spent $1600 on a 2-week campaign for Black Friday and had $23,000 in sales! Can’t wait until next year!”

“I was already an existing Keen client through another company, and brought to them an idea for a secondary business. Not only did they help define the company, they transformed my idea into a brand. They worked with my team to develop all of our content and messaging as well as a logo, identity package, lead-generation website and helped setup all of my relevant social accounts. I am now a loyal Keen Directive client with both of my businesses and couldn’t be happier.”

“We are a franchise and the Keen Directive team handled all the corporate communications and marketing for our stores. They were able to communicate directly with corporate and creatively design additional media assets within our brand guidelines. They are a seamless addition to our store and they have helped us innovate and introduce new brand marketing and revenue streams. We have a consistent 5 fold ROI with them. As an outside agency, I know they are dedicated to my business and they have our best interests in mind.”

“Keen rescued my business from the brink of having to shut my doors.  My phones weren’t ringing and bills were piling up.  We were months away from closing. The team helped me fix my website and advertising and then customers started coming in.

They take care of bringing in leads while I focus on my business. Now I am able to outperform my competitors and my business is successful again!”

“We started with Keen’s marketing management 4 years ago and they have helped us win against all of our competitors and increased our market share to the majority. In 2016 we made a 2,450% return on our investment, 5,180% in 2017 and 7,065% in 2018

YES 1000s not 100s! We are on track to increase our revenue once again in 2019!”

“Because our business is focused on experiences and relationships, Keen took the time to understand our goals and developed a powerful strategy for us. We are lucky to have their personal service and attention to detail and trust in their innovations.”

Who We’ve Worked With

At Keen Directive, we highly value our current clients and companies we have worked with in the past. Here are some of the companies we’ve worked with, and we are excited with the prospect of adding your company’s logo next.

Keener’s Archive – Digital Marketing & Advertising

From the latest industry news to case studies and editorials, our insightful knowledge base can give you tips and tricks to help you run your business more effectively. Check back often for new content and updates.

Big or Small, We Can Help All

Keen is not defined nor limited to a distinct market or vertical. Our processes, tools, and talents cut across the expectations of what a full service agency is capable of. By using our predictive analytic insights to develop actionable strategies, we’ve earned the right to a greater range of implementations and campaigns with a majority of our clients. We look forward to working with you and helping you thrive through digital marketing.

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We are always looking to expand our digital marketing agency and strategic partnerships with great talent. The current positions we are looking to fill are;

• Business Development Manager
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• Social Community Manager
• Jr Media Planner

If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume to If you are a digital marketing agency or service looking to team up with us, please contact us