Keen Directive began working with a client who is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of seasonal screen enclosures, greenhouses, Florida rooms and year-round sunrooms, solariums and conservatories.  This well-established North American franchise had some pain points that they hired Keen Directive to help them navigate. Our client was perplexed over the lack of control of its own SEO for its own geographical region. Large amounts of money were being spent on marketing, but they had no say whatsoever in how the funds were being allocated. Our client was looking for a targeted solution that fit potential and current clients in his own specific area.

The leaders at Keen Directive made an initial assessment and after delving deeply into their business we suggested incorporating digital advertising into his marketing mix by allocating 25% of his budget for Google Ads.  By carefully tracking performance with goal setting, we were able to determine that the Google Ads budget actually accounted for 65% of his overall sales, with the 75% traditional budget for the year representing only 35%. For him, this was eye-opening but there was much more work to do.

Leveraging Keen Directive’s deep knowledge of SEO, our team launched a highly competitive, website-driven keyword strategy and supported it with targeted, comprehensive content marketing. From hours of research on this client’s customer base, we carefully segmented, attracted and engaged the specific geographic and demographic traffic that fit the client’s target – in other words, those in his immediate geographic area most likely to buy from him. We believed that this strategy would deliver quality leads to our client, and as a result, boost return on investment (ROI).

Our client had a deep understanding of his own geographic market. We applied that knowledge to SEO and selected several tools designed to drive ROI. Keen Directive launched a series of keyword-driven websites, including fully optimized calls to action (CTAs) for both desktop and mobile devices. We made absolutely certain that each site followed carefully crafted on-page and off-page SEO messaging, and was supported by mobile-responsive infrastructure. Keen Directive used Google Ads to drive customers to the client’s website and Google Analytics to measure the success of communications (activity) and conversions (sales). Google Ads and Analytics provided the data we needed to develop an exclusionary, interest and category optimization strategy.

After four months of running a Google Ads campaign that featured text, display and retargeting, the client crossed its monthly break-even point. Google Ads helped to drive customers to the website, and the website helped drive increased sales. After eighteen months, the franchise was securing more business through its digital marketing channels than it was through its traditional print, billboard and radio strategy. As mentioned previously, Google Analytics revealed that digital marketing accounted for 65% of revenue – but accounted for only 25% of the ad budget. Meanwhile, traditional marketing accounted for 35% of revenue, but 75% of the advertising budget.

The client saw the proven benefits of the optimized site and Google Ads campaigns and  recognized the need for carefully balancing traditional and digital marketing strategies. He has since adjusted his ad budget. It is currently 75% digital marketing and 25% traditional marketing. Needless to say, sales continue to grow. 

If you have challenges similar to this client, or would like to boost your ROI, the cutting-edge marketing and consulting services offered by Keen Directive can help you.