Does Your Work for You?

Choosing a logo for your company begins long before any concepts are physically drawn up. It is important for your logo to reflect the “personality” of your company, therefore it is equally important to hire the right agency to design it for you. When considering a designer for your logo, choose someone who will spend time getting to know not only what you sell but what your company is all about. A creative design consultant should do market research and ask you a lot of questions about what your company values, who your target audience is and really get to know the essence of what you are all about as a company. 

A successful logo design does not necessarily need to represent the product or service that you are selling, it is more about visually representing the essence of your business. A logo is the visual identity of your company so it should reflect the “image” you want to portray to your customers. If should reflect the “style” and “character” of your company whether you are selling insurance, legal services, spa treatments or party supplies. Your logo should reflect the story of your business and what you are all about. 

You personally may have a favourite colour or gravitate to a particular symbol but don’t rely on personal taste too much. It is important to consider what will speak to your target market best and a lot of times trusting your creative agency to guide you on this is a valuable business move. It is important to trust your creative agency enough to listen to the rationale behind their designs and to feel comfortable offering feedback to help them design a logo you and your target audience will love and remember. 

The knowledgeable and experienced creative designers at Keen Directive will approach your logo design with all the above advice in mind. Beyond getting to know you and your company’s values, our designers are well educated, experienced and fully understand the elements and principles of design which is known as the “psychology” behind a great design. 

In terms of design, a logo should be simple in order to make it memorable. If your logo is a word, the typeface should obviously be legible but should also by timeless. Falling into trendy styles may be effective in the short term but the goal behind a good logo design is to be powerful and memorable over time. 

Your logo should also work in different sizes and scenarios such as going from print, website to mobile device to possibly a square app. The creative designers at Keen Directive work in vectors to ensure your logo can be adapted for different devices and scenarios. The creative team at Keen Directive will conduct market research to get to know where and how your target audience prefers to view your product or service and will make sure that your logo design will work in every instance. 

In the end, it is important that your logo works for you and your intended audience and the creative team at Keen Directive can help you reach this goal and more.